School Data Management

Helping schools securely manage their data with third parties applications

Wonde provides tools to securely share data stored in your MIS with third party applications (apps). Through Wonde, schools can now better manage suppliers and control exactly what data is shared. If your school uses apps powered by Wonde, you’ll be given a free account… here’s how it works:


Create account

If you school is new to Wonde, you’ll be sent a secure link in an email to create an account. Only an individual who has the ability to authorise access to school data should be selected.



When you first login to Wonde, you’ll be taken to a dashboard of your apps. Selecting an app who has requested access to your data will take you through to find out more and manage the settings available.


Data requested

All apps that use Wonde request the exact data they need from your MIS… we call these ‘permissions’. Depending on the app, there may be optional permissions which you can turn on/off depending on your requirements.


Approve access

When you’re happy with the data requested by the app, you can simply approve access by choosing the relevant option. By approving access, you once again agree to Wonde’s Data Handling Agreement and the apps agreement if included.


Approval receipt

An email receipt is sent to the school, and to the app, at the point of approving access. The receipt details the permissions, who approved them, their position and the date/time they were approved. It’s a great paper trail for all involved.


Integrate with Wonde

Once you’ve agreed to the permissions requested by the app, it’s now time for Wonde to integrate with your MIS. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select your MIS (i.e. Capita SIMS, RM Integris etc.) followed by a booking system where one of our team will be in touch. Depending on the MIS, a set of instructions are displayed which you can use to set-up the connection yourself.


Manage the data of individuals

When your Wonde integration is complete, you’ll then be able to restrict the data of certain individuals from being passed onto individual apps (i.e. students, parents, teachers etc.).

How does Wonde integrate with your MIS?

Depending on the MIS used by your school, Wonde will either need to securely install software on your school server or request a set of access credentials to connect directly.

Data Protection & GDPR

To help schools comply with the GDPR we have put together further information on how we work with school data as a company. Click below for more information.

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