Save time

Save time

Microsoft Sync saves your school hours of work by automatically creating, updating and deleting accounts with your Local Active Directory or Azure AD. This works seamlessly regardless of the size of your school and creates Office 365 accounts in the cloud.

Mircrosoft Users

Organise your users

As well as automatically keeping accounts up to date, Microsoft Sync can sort accounts into groups, such as classes or registration groups, making it easy to use applications like Microsoft Teams.

Simple Logins with Emojis or a Magic Badge!

Single Sign-On

If your school uses Wonde Single Sign-On, students can use their magic passes and emoji passwords to log into their Microsoft accounts. They'll find Office 365 apps sitting alongside other applications on their dashboard.



Wonde Single Sign-On also enables the use of magic badges and emoji passwords to log seamlessly into a Windows laptop or PC.

School Data

Timetable Support

The timetable can be added to a users calendar through the Wonde link to the school's MIS. If your timetables change throughout the day, update the sync frequency.

Simple pricing

Simple pricing

Primary schools: £15.00 + VAT per school, per month
Secondary Schools: £25.00 + VAT per school, per month

One time setup fee: £95.00 + VAT per schools

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