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To connect, communicate & optimise. Providing secure data in seconds to fulfil your Apps potential.

  • Integrate with schools seamlessly
  • Connect to thousands of schools on a global scale
  • Access timely, accurate, secure data instantly

How Wonde can make a difference for your business:

There’s no longer the need to stay up-to-date with individual MIS providers, simply integrate once with the Wonde API, and we’ll ensure maintained and monitored access to school data. Request access to a school and we’ll take care of the rest!


Reach thousands of schools instantly

Wonde’s API gives you the ability to reach over 23,000 schools and retrieve timely, accurate, secure data instantly.


Connect on a global scale

With presence in over 60 countries, we have scale and reach across multiple territories.


Efficient, simple integration

Wonde’s API ensures you’re compatible with 35 MIS/SIS which means no matter where you are, you can seamlessly connect.


Instant access

Access timely, accurate, secure data instantly

Support and customer satisfaction

With a team of dedicated tech experts to support your schools, we can support your integration at every step.


1. Integrate with API

A simple, single API providing standardised data no matter what the school and where in the world.


2. Add your first school

Request access to your first school customer to access live data to feed into your app. They’ll be able to see the exact data you need.

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3. School approves access to their data

The school will get notified of your request and can approve, decline or revoke access. They can also agree to your data sharing agreement.

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4. Data is available and populates into your app

Once approved, data will flow freely from the school to your app and you can get started on providing real value to your customer.

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