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Simple Logins with Emojis or a Magic Badge!

Simple Logins with Emojis or a Magic Badge!

Combine multiple logins for students, teachers and other school staff. Choose your login preference… Emojis, Magic badge or an email address and password.

Google Sync

Google Sync

Automatically keep G Suite for Education up-to-date with your MIS data. As a new student or teacher joins your school, their Google account is created.

Microsoft Sync

Control your School data

Wonde acts as a protective layer between school data from an MIS and educational apps. Multi-Academy Trusts can also be provided with an overview and control of all their schools systems.

  • "Our teachers and students are blown away by how they're able to login with a magic badge saving teachers precious time to carry out teaching and giving a stress-free simple solution."

    Dan Smith
    Aspire Academy Trust

  • "All our children are using Wonde to log on to their Chromebooks and access our school apps. The children think that it's great and the teachers love the independence that it gives the pupils. A fantastic, time-saving product!"

    Sue Ironside
    Leconfield Primary School

  • "Everyone has found it very easy to use Single Sign-On and the Wonde team have been extremely supportive in getting us started! Single Sign-On has been extremely easy for us to integrate into our current IT provision."

    Ian Rockey
    Westwood with Iford School

App Developers

App developers

Wonde delivers school data from an Management Information System (MIS) and simple logins for a teachers and students. Have the freedom to create educational apps.

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